Attract and build customer relationships with empathy-based marketing

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Why we exist

Getting into the mind of your customers is a challenge for you to overcome. We help you acquire and grow customer relationships by using applied empathy. 


Let us help you build an empathy-based marketing approach to attract more customer relationships and get a measurable pipeline impact.


Get training online or onsite. Empathy is not just a “soft” skill, it's an incredibly powerful tool to understand customer motivation and increase sales conversion. 

Are you having any of these challenges?

  • Increasing conversion by better understanding customer motivation?
  • Creating emotionally resonant messaging that inspires action?
  • Going from marketing campaigns to conversations that built trust and improve results?
  • Improving customer experience by developing an empathy-based marketing approach?
  • Influencing the buying journey by helping at each step (from initial contact to purchase)?

Why empathy matters 

Powerful force

I fundamentally believe that empathy is the most powerful force in B2B marketing

Alan Cohen Chief Commercial Officer, Illumio

Empathy is huge

“The need for empathy towards the buyer is huge. It’s a differentiator…”

Doug Brown former CMO, IBM Systems

Design thinking

It's very difficult to design something for someone if you have no empathy

Stewart Butterfield CEO, Slack