Lead Generation: 2 simple tactics to determine cost per lead

Getting to the heart of lead costs is not easy given the multitude of factors to consider when calculating cost per lead. Read on for two simple tips you can use to help you figure out lead costs.

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Introduction to Lead Management

Generating leads is an important B2B marketing goal, but what happens once those leads are in the pipeline? This blog post addresses the challenge of lead management. Brian Carroll defines lead management, explains why it is so important in the complex sale and outlines the various elements in lead management, including people, process and technology.

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Email Marketing: 3 lead nurture paths you should automate

Marketing automation can help you manage lead nurturing in a complex marketplace. Read on for three lead nurture paths you can automate to aid your B2B marketing efforts.

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4 step lead generation analysis to optimize sales conversion

Learn how to do lead analysis by following 4 steps to optimize marketing and demand generation metrics and resources to get started

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