October 6

Thought Leadership and lead generation

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Thoughtleader Would you like to be more visable and generate sales leads on a limited budget? Become a thought leader! Thought leadership gives you an edge to combat commoditization and attract more business. I read this post by Elise Bauer, a marketing consultant based Northern California, that shares some practical ways on how to position yourself as a thought leader. elise.com: On the Job: Be A Thought Leader! Lead generation Tip: If you require registration on your website to download white papers or other "free" resources, you’re losing up to 75%-85% of your potential leads! Share your information freely and try be a resource otherwise your potential customers will find someone else who will.

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Brian Carroll

Brian Carroll is the CEO and founder of markempa, helping companies to convert more customers with empathy-based marketing. He is the author of the bestseller, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale and founded B2B Lead Roundtable LinkedIn Group with 20,301+ members.

  1. One of the best ways of generating leads for your business is to ask your friends,families,and customers to give the names,telephone numbers,and email addresses of their friends who may be interested in your business.

    I used this method to generate more traffic to my web sites.

  2. This is so true. On the internet the key is to get that information out there so people can see it.

    If I’m impressed by the white paper, I’ll make contact. If I have to spend ages filling in my details in order to get the free resources, I just get annoyed and move on to the next site.

  3. Col,

    You bring up a good point. There are so many bogus white papers that are nothing more than thinly disguised marketing copy. So that’s a another point.

    Make sure your content is educational, and considered relevant to your readers. Remember they are looking for information to help them develop their criteria they are not looking to be sold. More to come on white papers and webinars.

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