A drawing containing two androgynous silhouettes (in different colored squares: red and orange) facing each other with a tangle of gray yarn connecting one's brain to the other's brain. This image is meant to represent empathy and trying to understand the other persons' experience. The 2 silhouettes and their own squares are drawn over a peach background.

Empathy: How It Can Grow Your Sales and Marketing Pipeline

Empathy is an important tool for sales and marketing. Learn why empathic marketing can help you grow your pipeline and increase sales. Learn how.

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Hand drawn art. The style of the drawing is simplistic with using only one line to connect the characters of the image with their background. No color is used except in the background which is a warm beige color. The image is set on a hiking path with two hikers walking the path with backpacks. This image was drawn to represent the journey that those in sales and marketing embark on with their customers--side by side, together.

Lead Nurturing: 4 Steps That Help More Customers Buy

Find out about lead nurturing. Learn the 4 steps of walking through the buying journey with your customer to help them progress.

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The B2B Lead Blog is now the markempa blog

The B2B Lead Blog joins markempa, get the scoop, learn what you can expect, and what’s next to move forward.

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Empathy is a superpower in marketing and sales

The ability to see things from your customer’s perspective doesn’t just make you a more likable salesperson or marketer—it’s a huge advantage in terms of business outcomes.

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4 ways to adopt human-centered marketing and get better results

Learn how to adopt human-centered marketing and 4 ways you can humanize your marketing approach to get better results.now

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