This image shows a lifelike cartoon situations. One person between two other people is being assisted up some steps that resemble bar graph bars to insinuate that this is in a professional environment. Plants surround them.

Boosting Sales and Marketing Teamwork: Strategies for Effective Collaboration

Just returned from a industry summit, and it was a blast. Yet, it highlighted a persistent challenge: the critical need for teamwork in sales and marketing teamwork. The familiar narrative of misaligned marketing and sales teams swapping complaints is all too common, and frankly, it’s a narrative we need to change. Addressing the Problem The

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The Power of Brand Activism: How Businesses Can Use It for Good

Learn from Dr. Philip Kotler describe brand activism, the importance of focusing on a purpose as a company, and the problems encountered when companies do not use brand activism correctly.

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How to stop the hustle and establish work-life boundaries

Learn how to find personal and professional happiness and establish work-life boundaries in this interview with author Carlos Hidalgo

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