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Why this course matters

Over the past three years, markempa has studied orphanages that have successfully transitioned to a family-based model of care. 

The most significant problem that orphan and vulnerable children-focused organizations face is getting
buy-in and bringing donors along on the journey.

Without donor buy-in, transitioning can come to a halt due to inadequate funding. This can negatively
impact an organization and the children in their care.

As a result, choices about care quality may need to be made based on funding rather than the best
the interest of children.

Donors may disconnect because they do not understand the need for transition and change. They may be
very committed to the current model. Additionally, donors may have concerns for child safety that need
addressing, along with questions regarding the orphanage buildings, staff, and infrastructure.

In this course, you’ll learn the five steps to help transition your donors to improve fundraising performance so that you can create the financial capacity to provide better care for vulnerable children and families.


Video Transcripts

Do you prefer having a paper copy of video transcripts in one place? This PDF contains all spoken transcripts within this lesson's video -- great for referencing or note-taking.

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