Donor Transition and Fundraising for Change




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Good work cannot happen without stable funding. When you’re planning to transition your model of care, it can feel overwhelming. This course is for child care institutions that want to successfully transition to a family-based model and bring their donors along on the journey. 

Donor Transition and Fundraising for Change

In this course, how to improve fundraising performance and transition donors so that you can create the financial capacity to provide better care for vulnerable children and families.

Watch the video introduction to understand what you'll be learning in this course.

This lesson contains all the information you need when signing up and logging into the course. 

CCI Donor Transition Project Story

Learn how two CCIs managed to achieve fundraising results beyond expectations while transitioning to a family-based model of care. 

Module 2: Fundraising Pre-work for CCIs


To participate in the program and be prepared for success, each CCI must complete pre-work.

Introduction to prework

Watch the pre-work video to understand the steps you’ll take to get ready for the rest of this course.

Engage the leadership of the Religious Institute

In this step, you want to engage the CCI management committee, and Diocesan representatives (where applicable)

Organize a list of all your donors

In this step, you will organize a list of all your donors in MS Excel or Google Sheets. 

Gather and enter all past donations

This lesson aims to get a complete picture of your donors that need to be transitioned and allows us to help analyze your donation data. 

Share past two years operating budget

In step, you will upload your operating budget 

Gather your recent fundraising campaigns

In this lesson, you will gather and organize any past fundraising campaigns or appeals you've done for review.

Module 3: Fundraising for Change 101


In this module, you build the foundation for fundraising success.

The spirituality of fundraising

Fundraising isn’t just about raising money, learn how to see it as part of your purpose to serve others

Fundraising Mindset

How do you build the right fundraising mindset? Learn how in this video from Sasha Dichter on Fundraising Mindset via Acumen 

Building your fundraising plan

Learn how to build an actionable 1-page fundraising plan focused on your top opportunities and next best steps.

Build your list of potential donors

Now, you will build a list of potential new donors from guestbook/visitor logs and other materials

Developing donor thank you program and impact reporting

In this lesson, you will develop a donor thank you, and impact reporting to show how donors are making a difference.

Module 4: Win the hearts of donors to support family-based care


Apply the five steps to help transition your donors and get support for family-based care.

Five Steps to transition donors to support a new model

Help CCI team members charged with driving fundraising process to develop a donor transition plan

Step 1: Share your learning about family-based care

Learn how to engage your donors to help them understand the reason behind your transition.

Step 2: Segment and map donors with empathy

Learn how to refine your list of current donors for outreach and understand who your donors are better.

Step 3: Identify and share your most potent stories

Learn how sharing a stories from the field is the most powerful communication device you have.

Step 4: Build your communication plan for donors

Build a donor communication plan to help your transition and fundraising success.

Step 5: Change your fundraising ask and calls to action

In this step, all your hard work gets translated into how and what you will ask your donors to support.

Module 5: Support the transition with digital fundraising


Learn how to use your websites and email to act as a hub for digital communication and fundraising.

Creating websites to act as a hub for communication and fundraising

Creating websites to act as a hub for your communication and fundraising and email marketing.

Develop new website messaging

In this lesson, you'll create an initial donor webpage messaging draft.

Design messaging to help donors redirect their financial support

In this lesson, You will learn how to messaging to help donors redirect their financial support to a family-based model. This will give you the foundation to talk effectively with donors.

Develop email templates to communicate with donors

In this lesson, you will develop email templatesto communicate with donors consistently

Change the stories being shared to support new model of care

In this lesson, learn how to capture and share stories of family-based care and community-based care with donors.

Setup Flutterwave account for online donations

In this lesson, you'll work on getting a new bank account and debit card for fundraising

Begin new donor outreach

Learn how to raise up new donors and transition existing donors with outreach via phone, email, social media, and face-to-face. 


About the teacher

Brian Carroll

Brian Carroll is the CEO and founder of markempa, helping companies to convert more customers with empathy-based marketing. He is the author of the bestseller, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale and founded B2B Lead Roundtable LinkedIn Group with 20,301+ members.