Empathy Marketing

Empathy Marketing Course

3 Modules 19 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Discover how to 2X your conversion rates and get better marketing results with the empathy marketing course.

Course Structure

Customer Only
9 Lessons

Module 1: Understand your customers core emotional motivators

Learn how to uncover the core emotional motivators of your audience so that you can create messaging that increases connection and conversion.

Lesson 1: Why building an emotional connection is essential for conversion

In this lesson you'll learn why building an emotional connection is essential for conversion

Lesson 2: Discover why most marketers fail at empathy and how to fix it now

See how overcoming your own bias and preferences makes you a better marketer

Lesson 3: Empathy is the bridge to connection and trust

Discover how empathy gives you ability to connect and build trust with your audience.

Lesson 4: The three lenses to know motivation

In this lesson you will learn the 3 lenses to understand customer motivation

Lesson 5: The Emotions that drive customer buying decisions

In this lesson, you'll learn the the emotions that get customers to say “yes”

Lesson 6: The empathy map

Learn how to use empathy mapping to connect with your customers head and heart

Lesson 7: Steps to discover emotional motivators for your customers

In this lesson, you'll learn the best ways to know the emotional motivators for your customers.

Lesson 8: The best marketing is helping: How to be a customer Sherpa

Learn how to build a map and anticipate what customers need, convert more leads to revenue, and help customers buy.
Customer Only
7 Lessons

Module 2: Design messages that resonate with core emotional drivers

At the end of this module, you will know how to create messages that resonate with your customer’s emotional drivers

Lesson 1: Empathy Indexing

Learn how to to empathy index so that you you can diagnose and optimize messages and get quick wins

Lesson 2: Seeing your messages from your customer's experience

Learn how seeing your marketing from the customer's experience and experience gives you an edge.

Lesson 3: Use emotional resonance in your marketing

Learn how to use emotional resonance and appeal to customers' motivating feelings not just logical/rational

Lesson 4: Customer focus that increases conversion

Apply customer focus to addresses your audiences experience/story (not just your product/solution story)

Lesson 5: Relevance for results

Learn how to apply relevance to targets specific personas and what’s going on in their situation

Lesson 6: Clarity: move from persuasion to conversion

Learn how to improve the clarity of your messaging and help customers persuade themselves to take action.

Lesson 7: How to write like a human and make a bigger impact

Learn how humanizing your approach and speaking your customer's language increases impact and performance.
Customer Only
3 Lessons

Module 3: The Mastery Framework to Scale-up Results

Learn what you must know to transfer emotional motivator insights to other channels and scale up results

Lesson 1: The inner game of marketing you need to know

It’s hard to communicate well unless we get in touch with ourselves first, learn what you need to do be a better marketer.

Lesson 2: How to increase your empathy quotient

Learn the inside out approach to increase your empathy quotient

Lesson 3: Helping your team scale-up results

Learn ways to collect and share customer insights across your team