Empathy is a superpower in marketing and sales

The ability to see things from your customer’s perspective doesn’t just make you a more likable salesperson or marketer—it’s a huge advantage in terms of business outcomes.

In this interview with Nutshell’s Ben Goldstein, Markempa Founder and CEO Brian Carroll discuss what “empathy” means in a sales context, how to discover your buyers’ real motivations and the changes in tactics that sellers and marketers need to make to put their customers’ needs in front of their own.

Key quotes:

“We have more ways of reaching customers and more channels, but actually connecting to what customers care about is the hard thing. That’s why I see empathy as a superpower in marketing and sales.”

“Sales hustle combined with automation can actually create a bad experience for the customer because it’s about the salesperson getting their needs met.”

“You have to manage your inner game of how you feel towards customers. Are they just emails? Are they just IP addresses? Is that just a phone number or is that a human being?”

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About the author 

Brian Carroll

Brian Carroll is the CEO and founder of markempa, helping companies to convert more customers with empathy-based marketing.

He is the author of the bestseller, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale and founded B2B Lead Roundtable LinkedIn Group with 20,301+ members.

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