November 21

How to track metrics to ensure profits



Profit_4 ContractorMag published this article by HVAC contractor CEO, Kevin Comerford.  I’m impressed by his application of marketing performance measurement (MPM) – even though he doesn’t use the term. 

Comford outlines their holistic approach to performance measurement, which involves his entire company and tracks their lead generation peformance among other things.

Comford writes, "these reports are the scorecard. If we’re losing, we have to react. If we’re winning, it helps us build confidence, set higher goals, achieve more and pay bonuses. It encourages us to stay sharp. By looking at the summary, I know the following…"

ContractorMag: How to track numbers to ensure profits.

A CMO Council report states, "few companies – less than 20% to date – have developed meaningful, comprehensive measures and metrics for their marketing organizations."

CMO’s losing influence at the executive table

Measures and Metrics: The Marketing Performance Measurement Audit

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