Lead Generation for the Complex Sale

Boost the Quality and Quantity of Leads to Increase Your ROI

By Brian Carroll

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With the complex sale emerging as the norm in today's business-to-business environment, it's more challenging than ever to keep a consistent stream of qualified leads in your sales pipeline.

Now you can boost your quantity and quality of leads through a proven methodology.

Lead Generation for the Complex Sale arms you with a sophisticated multimodal approach to generating highly profitable leads.

Brian Carroll, CEO of markempa, reveals key strategies that you can implement immediately to win new customers, accelerate growth and improve your sales performance.

You'll start by defining your ideal leads and targeting your ideal customer. Then, you'll construct your lead generation plan, a crucial step to staying ahead of your competition long-term.

To help you put your plan into action, Carroll guides you step by step to:

  • Align sales and marketing efforts to optimize the number of leads
  • Use portfolio lead generation tactics 
  • Create value for the prospects throughout the buying process
  • Manage a large group of leads without feeling overwhelmed
  • Identify and prioritize your best prospects
  • Increase the percentage of leads who become profitable customers
  • Avoid lulls in the sales cycle with better leads
  • Dialog with numerous executives as trusted advisors
  • Ready yourself for what's next 

Keep leads flowing through your sales pipeline! With Lead Generation for the Complex Sale you'll learn how to target prospects early in the buying process and make the most efficient use of sales productivity and marketing resources.

Lead Generation for the Complex Sale has been one of the top 100 sales and marketing books and recommended by the Wall Street Journal, Target Marketing Magazine, BtoB Magazine, and Software CEO as one of the best marketing titles published.

Endorsements for Lead Generation for the Complex Sale

"Brian masterfully tackles the single biggest issue for enterprise marketing today."

John Neeson

managing director & co-founder, SiriusDecisions Inc.

If you can't generate a solid flow of good leads, your sales force - and your company - will fail. Yet, for most organizations, lead generation is a hit-or-miss affair. In this well-written book, you'll find practical and useful tools for building your sales and marketing efforts into a powerful system to generate high-quality leads."

Neil Rackham

author of SPIN Selling

"Leads are the lifeblood of selling. This book is the lifeblood of lead generation."

Jeffrey J. Fox

best selling author of Secrets of Great Rainmakers

"Read this book and take the complexities out of your lead gen activities!"

Anthony Parinello 

author, Getting to VITO, the Very Important Top Officer

"Carroll has provided a very helpful book for companies that are involved in complex sales. Too many marketing departments provide the sales force with a high number of leads but not with a high number of quality leads. Carroll provides many ideas and lists to help companies improve, manage, and measure their lead generation performance. He does an excellent job of describing the use of the major contact tools for lead generation and nurturing."

Philip Kotler, Ph.D.

 S. C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management/Northwestern University

"The lead generation game has changed in the age of the Internet. Brian Carroll closes the loop on lead generation, taking you from defining a lead, thinking like your prospects, tactics to increase lead generation, passing leads from marketing to sales, measuring the results, and nurturing the leads for increased revenue."

Bryan Eisenberg

New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author 

"Great book on a very important topic. The author speaks from a true knowledge-base and offers a 'Soup-to-Nuts' instruction of principles, strategies, and tactics from which the reader can greatly profit."

 Bob Burg

author of The Go-Giver

"It's never been tougher to crack into corporate accounts. To help your sales force, create a lead generation program based on the multiple strategies in this information-rich book. In today's crazy market, it's the best way to slash your sales cycle."

Jill Konrath

author of SNAP Selling

"Brian Carroll has written a no-nonsense, practical guide to sales lead generation that will help anybody who is looking for advice based on real-world experience. He makes the case for a strong working relationship between the sales and marketing functions."

Ruth P. Stevens

author and president, eMarketing Strategy

"The quality and quantity of leads do as much to determine sales success as face-to-face selling prowess, yet little has been written about lead generation. This book fills the void. Carroll really understands lead generation."

Ford Harding

author of Creating Rainmakers, Harding & Company

"If Lead Generation for the Complex Sale helps your business grow half as fast as Brian Carroll's has, it may be the best marketing and sales investment you make all year."

 Keith Ferrazzi,

 CEO of sales consulting and training, Ferrazzi Greenlight 

"Exhaustive coverage and discussion of the lead generation modalities and the synergies therein ranging from the classical modes such as telemarketing and direct mail through the new generation modes as blogs and podcasts is insightful. A very compelling read indeed."

Sharmila C. Chatterjee

Professor, MIT

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