June 29

Podcast: Interview with MarketingSherpa’s Anne Holland

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Would you like some inspiration or some fresh ideas for your marketing and lead generation strategy?

If so, MarketingSherpa just released their “Business Technology Marketing Benchmark Guide 2007-08” and I had the privilege to interview Anne Holland about this year’s findings. Very useful stuff. Download the Executive Summary

During our in-depth interview, Anne shares some terrific insights and helpful data on numerous marketing and lead generation tactics.

Three data points that I found particularity interesting:

1. Teleprospecting works. As we all know, tech buyers are a notoriously tough crowd to cold call. Sherpa’s findings contradict the “calling doesn’t work” line we’ve heard for years. Their data shows that over 50% of tech buyers admitted to shortlisting a vendor after receiving a well-timed and relevant phone call.

2. Sherpa’s data shows that more decision makers (not just influencers) are attending webinars and watching archived events. This indicates the importance of relevant educational events and online content for lead generation.

3. Companies who provided fewer but higher quality “sales ready” leads to their sale people have better sales conversion rates than those that send lots of early-stage leads and that creating a “cost per lead” culture just does not work.

Listen to the podcast now (31 min MP3)

Show Agenda

  • Benchmark data that B2B all marketers must know
  • Fresh ideas and best practices for lead qualification
  • Why you should capture and track all web inquiries in your CRM
  • How many buyers/influencers in the typical F500 buying process (hint: it’s big!)
  • Sherpa’s unexpected data on B2B telemarketing (teleprospecting)
  • Useful data on lead management and lead nurturing
  • How webinars are reaching more decision makers than you would expect
  • Common email mistakes (and why mobile devices matter more than you think)
  • How and why high-quality content is important and influential to buyers
  • Why fewer leads are better (the CEOs role) and why “cost per lead” budgets fail
  • Distinguishing characteristics of top performing marketers
  • Unconventional research that will improve your corporate website homepage

The Business Technology Benchmark Marketing Guide features data on numerous marketing and lead generation tactics especially valuable. They also have practical data on search, email, PR, direct mail, lead generation, trade shows, podcasting, telemarketing, budgeting and more. They interviewed over 1000 marketers, plus this year they gathered in-depth research from 4,658 actual business technology buyers.

If you are a marketer for a company that sells technology, I encourage you to get a copy of this report. It will definitely help you better budget, forecast, and benchmark your marketing results.

MarketingSherpa: Business Technology Marketing Benchmark Guide 2007-08

About the author 

Brian Carroll

Brian Carroll is the CEO and founder of markempa, helping companies to convert more customers with empathy-based marketing.

He is the author of the bestseller, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale and founded B2B Lead Roundtable LinkedIn Group with 20,301+ members.

  1. Thnx for offering this webinar as an mp3 download. I much prefer this format so I can listen to the content whilst out walking or in the car.

  2. All true. And the full report is worth every darn dime, too. Mine is dog-eared and full of sticky notes and underlining. I refer to it at least once a month. What would the price point have to be, for Anne and her team to publish these reports every 6 mos, I wonder?

    In fall 2007 I began ‘assigning’ clients chapters of relevant Sherpa reports, to read before marketing strategy sessions. The subsequent sessions were full of energy, passion, consensus, and – best of all – informed opinions!

    Where was marketing before MarketingSherpa? I don’t want to remember…

  3. Brian,

    I’d be curious what summary information you can share around this bullet…

    Why fewer leads is better (the CEOs role) and why “cost per lead” budgets fail

    I certainly have some theories, but would love to share some info around this topic.


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