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Why Writing Blogs Just for SEO Will Inevitably Fail



Search engine optimization (SEO) remains critically important for B2B marketers doing lead generation online. And it’s pretty common advice to hear: launch a blog because the relevant content will attract links and improve your search engine visibility.

Blogs can offer little-known companies name recognition and the chance to boost traffic and generate leads well beyond what they’d get if they were offering a list of goods and services for sale on their website.

But should you write a blog exclusively for search engine visibility?

Somewhat say yes, but not me. I think a frequently updated, well-written, and relevant blog by an author who has a passion for the subject will outperform others that were only for SEO.

Lee Odden over at the Online Marketing Blog shares a useful perspective on why blogs written solely for SEO objectives will inevitably fail. If you’re thinking of blogging for SEO, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Link: Online Marketing Blog: 3 Reasons Why Blogs for SEO Fail

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Brian Carroll

Brian Carroll is the CEO and founder of markempa, helping companies to convert more customers with empathy-based marketing. He is the author of the bestseller, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale and founded B2B Lead Roundtable LinkedIn Group with 20,301+ members.

  1. Brian, thanks for pointing this out. Certainly “exclusively” is a strong word, but SEO can definitely be the main reason you create a company blog. I wrote about this a while back here (on HubSpot’s company blog):
    The long and the short of it is this: Blogs have a highly measurable SEO impact, assuming you consistently create great content. Why wouldn’t you create one for that reason?

  2. “assuming you consistently create great content”

    That’s a pretty big ASSumption. 🙂

    Of the 100 million blogs Technorati tracks, how many blogs started for SEO purposes more than 2 years ago are still around?

    SEO consultants and companies that sell “search friendly CMS” tend to overemphasize the SEO benefits without actual experience of blogging for more than a year or two and “great content” creation for long periods of time.

    Blogs that are started for functional reasons first and foremost with SEO as a marketing tactic will last far longer and attract more traffic and customer engagement than blogs created solely for SEO purposes.

  3. I have actually had to explain to people that blogs do not = SEO and that it requires more than blogging. I’ve noticed that real estate agents were the biggest culprits of thinking blogging = automatic SEO. But, to be fair, a lot of them were told about blogs by other “SEOs”.

    There are some SEO companies that push blogs and give the impression that blogs = automatic SEO.

    I’ve always told my people that blogs are a good addition and that IF they like to blog and write, then a blog can help them. But they have to be interested in writing all the time.

    I for one don’t like to blog too much – I have reactionary commentary but not blogging. I have friends who blog and they blog frequently. A love to write is critical.

    I tell people that the truth about blogs is that they are not magic. You have to work at it. You have to write – a lot. You have to build links to the blog – no one magically comes to your blog. And I tell people that a blog is nothing more than a glorified website; it’s easier to manage, but you still gotta do the whole thing as if the website was a regular HTML site.

  4. Thanks for the link Brian. I think Lee has a pretty strong point there. Blogs published purely for SEO may have some quick views but unless the content is really good and the blog is passionately written it won’t have a long future.


  5. I agree that blog written for SEO only usually will not be as successful, but I don’t know that that is necessarily true for all blogs.
    I think content and writing skill also play a role, regardless of passion.

  6. I like the layout of your blog,i agree that creating your a blog is not a joke,you must spend the effort for this and also SEO you have to search what the meaning of all this.

    -ricka roberts-

  7. I think this is a reason why you must write from the heart. SEO (white hat) should always be taken into consideration, but the best kind of writing is just shooting from the hip about things you find interesting. SEO should come naturally, or not at all, so to speak.

  8. It is not always a good idea to talk about other topics. If you have a blog on SEO then you should not talk about the weather or your cat reading the newspaper just because you cannot find something to say. Apart from diluting the content, with so many blogs out there, readers don’t have time to keep up with the posts and it wastes our time to read unimportant posts.
    In addition, if everyone write every day then eventually you will need to write more and more posts just to keep pace with everyone else.
    Blogs can prove useful to give information to your customers in reviews, news and so on but it is a question of how much time you are willing to devote to writing good content.

  9. In my years of doing SEO jobs and writing blogs, I safely say that this blog post has a point in its chosen topic. I usually do blogs for both purposes, one for seo and another for my own personal use. I usually get many comments on both of my blogs. I would say to viewers of this blog that writing for both purposes is fun and worth it.

  10. In my opinion if you write blogs only for SEO purposes, it will eventually fail. Its true purpose of letting people know facts about things will not be met.

  11. I agree with what the title of this post meant. Blogging for me is a passion, which helps you interact with online viewers, letting your story be heard and read by them. So when I do blogs I think not only for myself and what awaits me financially, I also think of my readers and how they feel, to me that is important.

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