Inspire action with empathy-based marketing 

  • Drive short-term sales and powerful long-term customer relationships
  • Create more emotionally intelligent marketing messaging that inspires action
  • Move from marketing campaigns to digital conversations that get results
  • Go beyond rational-logic based sales and content marketing
  • Grow customer empathy, solve buying journey problems to increase conversion
  • and more

The EMPATH Method

The EMPATH Method is how we help you use applied empathy to understand customer motivation and inspire action. It includes the following steps:  

1. Empathy Index
2. Map customer motivation
3. Put insights together
4. Action plan and test
5. Transfer insights
6. Help it along


Empathy Index 
First, we collect metrics to determine your customer empathy index using proprietary diagnostic tools to identify problem areas and opportunities.

  • Customer Empathy Index
  • Content Empathy Index
  • Team Empathy Index
  • Leadership Empathy Index


Map Customer Motivation 
Understand why your customers buy from you versus others by understanding their motivations, emotions, and needs:

  • Build customer empathy and gather emotive insights
  • Customer Empathy Map Workshop 
  • Buyer journey mapping 
  • Emotive Content Assessment
  • Demand Generation Assessment


Put Insights Together
We put together a roadmap with customer emotive insights to help you apply them in your marketing

  • Summarize customer motivational research and emotive insights 
  • Review roadmap and insights with your team
  • Recommend areas to test and optimize


Action Plan and Test
We develop an action plan with you based on the roadmap that may include the following:

  • Empathy-based Message Testing and Optimization
  • Call optimization Testing for sales development reps and inside sales
  • Customer experience optimization
  • Digital marketing optimization and testing
  • Customer Development and Nurturing
  • Empathy-based content strategy (to improve conversion, engagement, and retention)


Transfer Insights and Optimize
Using your new customer empathy insights, we will help you apply this wisdom to your other marketing channels.

  • Summarize key customer insights
  • Transfer insights to your team 
  • Roll out insights into other channels
  • Plan future tests and updated roadmap


Help It Along
Integrate empathetic practices to improve your marketing results and customer experience in the following ways:

  • Empathy prompts and checklists
  • Learn how to apply the EMPATH method
  • Get coaching for your team on empathy-based marketing
  • On-site team training workshops
  • Additional consulting as needed

Want empathetic marketing help?