Take Two Minutes: Find Out the Critical Advantages of Lead Nurturing

Sales cycles are getting longer, according to the B2B Marketing Benchmark Report, and nearly half of marketers say that’s the biggest challenge they’re facing right now. However, lead nurturing can transform this challenge into an opportunity to drive more sales.

All you need to do is give your prospects the information they need when they need it to confirm that they’re making the smartest purchasing decision. After all, as Brian Carroll noted in this interview (timestamp 16:48), most selling happens when your sales professionals aren’t there. Lead nurturing can give the champions in your prospect organizations the knowledge to do the selling for you.

Learn more in this two-minute video, the fourth in a series I developed for a leading IT organization to teach their channel partners about lead nurturing. My purpose was to make the concept easier to understand and accessible.

Here are links to the first three clips:

What is the difference between lead nurturing and lead generation?

What are the ingredients of lead nurturing?

What additional advantages of lead nurturing can you think of? I welcome your ideas and insights.

About the author 

J. David Green

J. David Green is the CEO of PipeAlign, a company that helps B2B companies tell a winning story, scale that story across sales and marketing, and measure and improve what matters most. Among other accomplishments, Dave generated a billion dollar sales pipeline in 20 months for Avaya, increased SMB revenue for Symantec from $2MM a year to $25M a year in twelve months, wrote a book on scalable lead generation, and has spoken at the DMA, MarketingSherpa, the BMA, the AMA, and many other events.

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  1. One advantage of lead nurturing is being able to build a relationship with your prospect. A good foundation will ensure a long term business relationship/

  2. this is really useful 🙂 we generate around 50 leads per week for our business but not all of them turn out to be successful. I am going to try what you have said to see if it helps 🙂 thank you

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