November 27

Thanksgiving pride

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Great day – Full house 40 people- warm fire – 2 turkeys and Filipino food – football – talking about old times and what’s next – kids laughter – new babies – watch football – nap.

I admire my wife’s family – many who are first generation immigrants from the Philippines along with friends from Nepal and South America. Since the pilgrims first landed at Plymouth Rock and the first Thanksgiving was celebrated, Thanksgiving has been very much an immigrant tradition. America still is the land of opportunity. Thank you God!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

The national tradition was started again by this proclamation,

“I Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States, do hereby designate Thursday 24 November 1938 as a day of general Thanksgiving.” “From our earliest recorded history Americans have thanked God for their blessings. We have cherished and preserved our democracy. “In the time of our fortune it is fitting we offer prayer for the unfortunate people in other lands who are in dire distress. “We offer our thanks to Almighty God. May we, by our way of living, merit the continuance of his goodness.”

Read Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

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