December 15

Need to Know Where to Go for Marketing and Sales Insight? Come to The Blog Tree

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If you’re a follower of marketing and sales blogs beyond just this one, you’ve probably noticed all kinds of blogs and tweets sprouting up today around The Blog Tree, just released by Eloqua and JESS3.The-Blog-Tree-Small

And I think the attention is well deserved.

Every blogger has some kind of blog roll, but without guessing from the names or clicking through each and every one listed, it’s challenging to know what you can learn from them and what value they provide. And if you wanted to know what blogs influence them, how they’re connected to other blogs, or how they contrast and compare to the rest, you were out of luck unless you had hours upon hours of time to invest in research.

Until The Blog Tree.

At a glance, you can see the scope of the best content in the marketing and sales blogosphere and how it all works together. Joe Chernov, Director of Content at Eloqua, puts it this way:

“Anyone can cobble together a list of Twitter tips or ‘must-read’ blogs and crown themselves ‘content marketers,’” he explains. “But when you produce content that surprises, informs and delights, you don’t have to market it. It blooms naturally.”

I am humbled and proud that the InTouch B2B Lead Generation Blog has a leaf on The Blog Tree, as do the blogs of our sister companies, Marketing Sherpa and MarketingExperiments.

I look forward to watching The Blog Tree continue to flourish as more thought leaders share their insights and fresh blogs emerge.

Here’s the link list built by Scott Ford Over at the Social Media and Marketing Blog, thanks Scott!

Water Table
Ars Technica
The Next Web

Venture Capital / Entrepreneurship 
Cracking the Code
Seeing Both Sides
Paul Graham, YCombinator, Essays
Feld Thoughts
Both Sides of the Table
Above The Crowd
Master of 500 Hats
Blog of David Skok
Venture Hacks

B2B Bloggers
The Big Fat Marketing Blog
Center Networks
Customer Think
Marketing Sherpa
Marketing Pilgrim
The Wisdom of Clouds/James Urquhart
MarketingProfs Blog

HubSpot Blog
Chief Marketing Technologist
Forrester Blogs
Copy Blogger
Customer Experience Matrix
Ducttape Marketing
Blogs.bnet Sales Machine
B2B Lead Generation Blog / InTouch
Content Marketing Today
Marketing Conversation
How To Change The World
It’s All About Revenue
Smashmouth Marketing Blog
Marketing Experiments
Ann Handley
Fearless Competitor

Personal Branding
Dan Schawbel
Guy Kawasaki
Being Peter Kim
Chris Koch’s B2B Marketing Blog
Conversation Agent
Dianna Huff’s B2B MarCom Writing Blog
Inside the Marketer’s Studio
Marketing Interactions
The Funnelholic
Seth Godin
Six Pixels of Separation
Awaken Your Superhero
Digital Body Language

PR Squared
A Shel of My Former Self
Logic + Emotion
PR Communications
Buzz Marketing For Technology
Junta42 Blog
Influential Marketing Blog

Social Media
Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang
Convince and Convert
Social Media B2B
Conversation Marketing
Social Media Marketing Blog
Social Media Examiner
Smart Brief on Social Media
Jess3 Blog

About the author 

Brian Carroll

Brian Carroll is the CEO and founder of markempa, helping companies to convert more customers with empathy-based marketing.

He is the author of the bestseller, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale and founded B2B Lead Roundtable LinkedIn Group with 20,301+ members.

  1. Hi Brian,

    I saw Scott’s post and I too was humbled by the attention. Eloqua, Joe and their partners have done a fabulous job of presenting complex data in a compelling, easy to understand format – a tree.

    I’m also honored that the B2B marketing blog, Fearless Competitor was included on the tree. (bottom left branch at the very end.)

    Thank you, Brian, Scott and Joe.

  2. Ok Brian, just when I thought there wasn’t another tree metaphor (pun?) left, you give us “sprouts”! Great stuff. Really insightful post (as expected, given the source). Thrilled to have you on “the tree” and more thrilled still to have gotten to know you a bit over the past year. Great stuff, as always.

    Joe Chernov / @Jchernov / Eloqua

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