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Top Lead Generation Tips for New Sellers

Lead Generation


The faster we can get new sales reps producing revenue the better. So what works? Jill Konrath shares 5 great tips for new sellers on her Selling to BIG Companies Blog and it’s definitely worth a read. I particularity liked tip number four about creating an “account entry campaign.”

One of the most difficult and consistent challenges for sales people is getting their foot in the door with the right people, at the right companies. Here’s 5 more lead generation tips I’d recommend for new sellers.

1. Define your goals – Be clear on what you want. Do you want 20 more leads in your database? Do you want to generate $995K in net new customer in revenue this year? Do you want to add 15 new clients this quarter?

2. Develop a lead generation calendar – Map out your activities for each month and then really follow it! Don’t just make irrelevant pitches more often! Create a plan to add value every time you touch your future customers with relevant ideas, content and resources.

3. Build your personal prospecting engine – Leverage these activities by communicating with your prospects, customers, networks and alliance partners in a consistent manner by using traditional direct marketing methods such as direct mail, phone calls, and personal email messages.

4. Use your CRM – Don’t create the biggest database of contacts possible. Instead, seek to create the most relevant database possible that contains the right companies and contacts that influence the buying decision. In the beginning, you won’t have all the data you need. Be patient and you’ll build the opportunity profile over time. See each conversation as an opportunity to build a relationship.

5. Be consistent – Remember the fable about the tortoise and the hare? Dig your well before you’re thirsty. No matter how busy you are, be sure to make time to do lead generation activities, especially if you don’t have a marketing team supporting you.

Your suggestions please…what else would you add to this list?

About the author 

Brian Carroll

Brian Carroll is the CEO and founder of markempa, helping companies to convert more customers with empathy-based marketing. He is the author of the bestseller, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale and founded B2B Lead Roundtable LinkedIn Group with 20,301+ members.

  1. Great question. Yes, I think it’s best if sales management or marketing can help the sales person develop their calendar based a successful template. I like that you’re doing that with your people.

    Too many sales reps are forced to figure out on their own what really works. Yet sales reps are still expected to succeed with out any current best practices documented. As a result, they have figure out how to get in and win business on their own through trial and error.

    At the very least, new sales people should have a game plan mapped out for their first 90 to 100 days and at least 3 hours of real-world monthly coaching. But I find that most reps get a lot of “product” training but they aren’t taught based on “what really works here.” The more we can help our new sales reps figure out how to get their foot in the door, the better.

  2. Brian, do you feel it is up to the individual rep to come up with the calendar or does that fall to a sales manager to then templatize it across his team. We have found great success with applying best practices in terms of schedules/calendars across (for our own organization — this will differ by business) the board and then giving reps the ability to deviate from this necessary. We also throw in a bit of software to assist (a CRM and our own marketing automation platform) but the human element is definitely key.

  3. Brian – one of the practices we’ve adopted is to establish a ‘buddy’ system with a new rep that includes a product marketing person and an experienced rep. The objective is to help – 1. help assure they are respresenting the product well, articulating the value proposition and comfortable with all tools at their disposal; 2. understand the ongoing led gen activities happening, lead management and CRM/SFA use; 3. strategizing on specific prospects, scheduling any needed sales meeting/call support and help on admin of pricing, contracts, post-sales etc. We conduct a 30 minute weekly meeting (usually Monday or Firday) to discuss tactical activities for the week, review pipeline progress and schedule any specific pre-sales help needed.

    Can be a little time intensive but as you say – turtle vs hare.

  4. Thanks for the tips. I would try to be creative and different. For example, when I felt squeezed by my lack lustre (and bigger competitors) I started a blog making fun of my entire industry (SoftwareSweatshop.com)

    I’m 26 and own my own software development firm in Chicago. I printed a button with my logo which I wear to networking events and I leave funny VM’s for prospects showing that we don’t take ourselves too seriously but are dead serious about what we do. We’ve been growing quite steadily as a result. I even got a client in Belgium as a result of my blog.

    Raza Imam

  5. Brian,

    I especially like how you add-on 5 more ideas to make the campaign more specific and actionable.

    The common hope/wing-and-a-prayer desire that I hear all day along among the small business technology providers that we support… I need more clients.

    Ok good…

    a) How many more clients?

    b) How much revenue should each client be generating?

    c) What demographics define the prospects?

    d) How many new prospect like that do you need to touch each week?

    e) etc.

    All too often, entrepreneurs and sales people are dreamers that hate to plan. With Jill’s 5 tips and your 5 additional best practices, there’s now one less excuse to let yourself off the hook with wishy-washy empty promises to yourself.

  6. Great Post, Brian. You define 5 interesting Lead generation Tips and they are really good. Now, since TIME is extremely expensive, I wonder if by having a great Lead Generating Tool would help us a lot, like a tool that allow us to get Buyers, Sellers, and social media (like Twitter) would leverage a lot. Anyway, this is a good site. The best for all of you. God bless you.

  7. I think these 5 tip to get are greats. I have a question. In order to Build your personal prospecting engine. Do you work with a Lead Generating Tool to help you to get those leads. Thank You

  8. What other strategies about LEAD GENERATION do you consider very effective? How to you generate leads from Social Media? Do you have a strategy or a software? Thank You.

  9. Hi Brian. I totally agree with you about “Define your Goals” and “CONSISTENCY”, there are really great TIPS. I would like to add there are different effective strategies about LEAD GENERATION that are really good. In my personal opinion I’d like to emphasizes two of them: 1) “Generating leads from Social Media”, and 2) Having a powerful software that allow you to get leads from buyers, sellers and from twitter. See you.

  10. Hi Brian. I really like your point “HOW to get more 20 more LEADS in your Database”. I’d like to say something about LEADS and LEAD GENERATION on my own view. I hope it might help. There are different strategies for “Lead Generation” and it will work according to your skills, and your “marketing strategy”.

    I would like to talk about “SEO”, and “getting the right keywords” for your website, in order to get LEADS. Those techniques plus another ones will place (after a few weeks or months) “your website” on first page of main search engines” to get more LEADS. But I think, 1)If you boost your “Keyword strategy”, and additionally 2)You find trafficked websites; you will be able to post, reply, answer, comment, and make a recommendation on these “highly trafficked websites” about the products and/or services you provide; so you SAVE TIME and MONEY. As a result, you can take control of the best search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and get access to potentially millions every day.

  11. Hi Brian. Lead Generation is crucial and equals SALES; and the Quality of your business is in direct proportion of the Number and Quality of your LEADS. “Lead Generation” requires skills, strategies, techniques and a great “marketing strategy”.

    I would like to emphasize the concept of finding “TOP Highly Trafficked Websites in the world = Access to potentially millions of websites every day”; so you can post or recommend your products, services and your own affiliate links. For me this is huge. You could save a lot of MONEY and TIME.

  12. Hi Brian. This is a good quote for me. “LEVERAGE your TALENTS and what you are really good at and DELEGATE your weaknesses”. Also, “The power of having a great MENTOR and a great software can help you boost your business”. I am pretty sure that Getting great LEADS have a lot of chances to be converted into SALES, and if you find a great tool to help you, go for it. LEVERAGE everything you can IMAGINE.

  13. Now, I think that I can get a much better results by getting not only a lot of leads from the Top Ranked Websites in the world but also I can Get traffic and get more exposure which work great with attached info of a new software. I am pretty sure that this tool will help anybody.

  14. Brian, I totally agree, “the faster we can get new sales reps producing revenue the better.” Unfortunately, lead generation is not the most efficient task for marketing teams. Outsourcing the lead generation and letting your sales team focus on high-value activities creates great benefits for companies. Also, operation system, QA team, and advanced tools of lead generation companies ensure high-quality leads. I suggest you have a look at the website of TaskDrive, which is one of the most successful companies in the industry.

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