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, Team Training

Make customer empathy your sales and marketing superpower 

Get training to help your marketing and sales team standout with an empathy-based approach to communication and messaging. 

Empathy is not just a soft skill; it's an incredibly powerful tool to understand customer motivation to get better results. 

We deliver workshops to help your team rethink how they're engaging customers and improve their messaging.

Learn how to:
  • Know your customers and their core emotional motivators  
  • Design messages that resonate with these core emotional drivers
  • Better predict what customers need at each step of their buying journey
  • Apply agile testing to get actionable customer motivation insights 
  • Supercharge your content by knowing WHICH stories matter most
  • Transfer customer empathy insights to other channels so you can scale up results 

All the tools, best practices, and data won't help you get the results you want until you master this skill.  

, Team Training

Workshops look like

  • Full-days or half-days
  • Onsite at your office or a training location
  • From 12 to 120 team members per session

Each workshop includes:

  • Easy-to-follow-lessons and training based on our step-by-step EMPATH method
  • Pre-workshop consultation to talk about your goals and unique needs
  • 12 templates, checklists, and resources that we use for all our clients 
  • Hands-on coaching with your team to get feedback, answers to questions 
  • Get access to our private online community 24/7 from any device
  • Leverage the EMPATH framework we use to get our clients 2X or better results 


, Team Training

Outstanding presentation at Dreamforce about importance and role of empathy in marketing #brianjcarroll

Albert Zeeman MM - Founder, Marketing Plan Today

“Perfect addition”

, Team Training

Thanks so much, Brian. You were the perfect addition to our offsite - the team loved your talk on empathetic marketing!

Lindsay Cournoyer - VP Marketing, Axonify

“Great stuff!”

, Team Training

Brian Carroll- Empathy - Your Lead Generation Superpower! Great stuff!

Pam Schmidt - Executive Director, The Association of Learning Providers

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