Two-minute video: The ingredients of lead nurturing and how they work together

This is the second in a series of five two-minute videos I developed for a leading IT organization to teach their channel partners about lead nurturing. You can see the first video here; it focuses on the difference between lead nurturing and lead generation.

The video below explores the key ingredients of a successful lead-nurturing campaign and how they work together.

If you or someone you know would like a high-level overview about what great lead-nurturing campaigns are made of, watch this and share.

Future videos will look at:

  • How lead nurturing solves problems by aligning with buying behavior and the goals of sales.
  • How lead nurturing accelerates the buying process and results in bigger deals and higher win-rates.
  • Where to find leads to nurture and how lead nurturing keeps prospects from slipping out of the marketing and sales funnel.

If you have any questions about what I have to say or suggestions on how to supplement this series, let me know in the comments below. Stay tuned for more lead-nurturing insights.

About the author 

J. David Green

J. David Green is the CEO of PipeAlign, a company that helps B2B companies tell a winning story, scale that story across sales and marketing, and measure and improve what matters most. Among other accomplishments, Dave generated a billion dollar sales pipeline in 20 months for Avaya, increased SMB revenue for Symantec from $2MM a year to $25M a year in twelve months, wrote a book on scalable lead generation, and has spoken at the DMA, MarketingSherpa, the BMA, the AMA, and many other events.

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  1. @Chris Frank
    Thanks for the kind words.

    If by “form level scoring” you mean looking at the form data in isolation of what that same person has done over time and what his or her company has done, I totally agree. I also agree that there are some immediate indicators that should override any kind of longer term considerations. For example, when someone in the target market requests a free trial of software, there’s a very strong correlation to buying.

  2. @Shortlist Marketing
    Shortlist Marketing (I like that branding, by the way!):
    Many of the people who are not ready today will become ready tomorrow. I personally see this all the time. In fact, I had two conversations last week that are a case in point. One started in February of 2010 and the other started in August of 2010. Both are now ready to do something. MECLABS nurturing engine kept sharing thoughts with them, augmented by my occasional personal call or email, and now they are ready.

  3. This is a good video overview of lead nurturing elements. Like what MecLabs is doing.

    On the scoring, I’d add just a few things. Database wide lead scoring does work well, particularly if you are using behaviors to trigger score increases and then passing that total score into a CRM system where you create workflow rules. I would caution marketers on form level scoring however. There is a big difference between scoring behaviors over the course of a buying cycle and tying to do it on a form level.

    There should be specific triggers built in to your forms that put leads in your sales team’s hands regardless of what overall score they are generating to fill it out. To do this, you need to be able to use logic on your landing pages and forms (if they say this or this and not this).

    Too many leads fall through the cracks because marketers mistakenly think long term behavioral scoring and simple submit and send to CRM functions are sufficient for engaging the right prospects.

    What I’m saying is that with many marketers I’ve seen, there is an over dependence on scoring. You need to have scoring AND the ability to mirror inside sales decision making. That logic is easier to implement and is better on a form level.

  4. This is so true, we deal with lots of companies who have a lead generation push, follow up the hot leads and forget the warm ones.

    Lead-nurturing is all about delivering a regular supply of high quality sales opportunities.

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