November 3

Well-known author upsets marketing bloggers

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I wasn’t surprised to see this article by Bob Bly. His pragmatic approach to marketing, writing and lead generation is widely admired. Today his strength became his Achilles heel because his article questioning the relevance of business blogging is simply wrong.

Most of the well-known marketing bloggers have already rebuffed the poor guy. Here’s just a few posts:

Bob Bly blunders when it comes to business blogs
In defense of blogging
Bob Bly’s Take on Business Blogs
Jane Writes on Crain’s Chicago

It is clear that Bly has not read any of the well-known marketing blogs. I hope he’ll go back and research his stance by; speaking to the bloggers he featured, actually reading a few marketing blogs and retracting the errors in his article. On a positive note, Bly started a great conversation that I hope other non-blogging marketers will notice. 

I spoke to Bob Bly (via phone) and he replied to my blog in my comments link below.  I’m the only blog that has a response to the story from Bob Bly himself – so here’s an exclusive for you. 

Bob launched his own blog on 11/23

About the author 

Brian Carroll

Brian Carroll is the CEO and founder of markempa, helping companies to convert more customers with empathy-based marketing.

He is the author of the bestseller, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale and founded B2B Lead Roundtable LinkedIn Group with 20,301+ members.

  1. What’s most interesting to me is that, without you and others having sent me these links, I would never, ever be aware of this.

    Deb Weill said at a seminar we gave in New Orleans yesterday that I am now famous in the blogging world … but I don’t live in the blogging world, so was completely unaware of it.

    And that’s the problem: bloggers own unbridled enthusiasm for the medium may blind them from seeing that not everybody has or wants to join their party.

    I am accused by the bloggers of being out of touch. But, it strikes me that all you “wired” tech enthusiasts are equally out of touch with the other half of the world — people who are intelligent, busy, successful, and don’t do things like read blogs, look at posts, participate in online discussion groups, etc.

    We get our news in the newspaper, our knowledge from books, and our conversation by picking up the telephone … like I did with you today.

    Wasn’t horrible, right?

  2. Brian,

    You really nailed it when you said, “Today his strength became his Achilles heel..”

    He would not be the first acknowledged expert to be laid low by hubris born of his past success. Yesterday’s experts are often woefully out of touch.

    The day we stop watching and understanding oncoming technology is the day we start becoming obsolete, and irrelevant.

  3. Brian,

    Of all people, such a successful, prolific copywriter and author as Bob Bly would be one of the first I would expect to see out here in the blogosphere. His wealth of knowledge — never mind his reputation as a guru — would lend itself well to such a powerful publishing platform.

    How ironic that he is one of the naysayers.

    But I have an idea: Who among us could convince Bob to at least try on a blog for size? He has the content. And the following. And with a new blog, can you imagine the publicity?

    Bob Cargill
    Senior Creative Director
    Yellowfin Direct Marketing
    Boston, MA

  4. Bob – I agree with you completely. All we can do is lead him to the water… his thought leadership would be such an asset to the marketing blog community. Perhaps, he is more open to embracing the power of blogging now?

    I’m going contact Bob to discuss my forthcoming book on lead generation for the complex sale (McGraw-Hill Trade) and see if I can help him launch his first blog : )

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